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PDF Alexander Litvinenko Mr Alexander Litvinenko, a Russian living in London, was poisoned by Polonium-210, traced by alpha detectors to a British Airways flight from Moscow to Heathrow. A Champions League match between Arsenal and CKSA Moscow had brought thousands of Russian fans to London. Was one of them responsible for Litvinenko's death? American MIA in Vietnam Is it possible that prisoners of war still remain left behind in Vietnam? Chemtrails Polluted contrails that rain death and disease. Who would commit such a ruthless act? Christopher Marlowe Marlowe was a rake and a radical, a homosexual and an atheist, but what really happened to this notorious free-thinking Elizabethan in 1593? Diana, Princess of Wales Mohamed Al-Fayed, Harrod's owner and the man who might have become Diana's father-in-law, points the finger at Prince Phillip, the Queen's husband, an accusation which sparked a multi-million pound investigation. Dr David Kelly The UK scientist and weapons expert found dead just days after being identified as the source who cast doubt on the claim that Saddam Hussein could have fired a weapon of mass destruction at 45 minutes notice. Was it suicide, or murder? Elvis Presley Elvis is supposedly alive and well, and has been spotted countless times since his death in 1977. But Elvis fans inadvertently add to the hysteria by dressing like him - has anyone actually seen the real Elvis Presley? Gemstone File This 1,000 page document claims that a great deal of suppressed information has played a role in shaping world events since the 1950's. Do the mafia and other corrupt politicians have anything to do with the Kennedy assassinations and other major historical events? Hilda Murrell Did campaigner Hilda Murrell suffer a state-sponsored death because she knew too much? Or was this really just an unfortunate end to a botched burglary? HIV and Aids Was Human Immunodeficiency Virus deliberately engineered as part of a racist plot to reduce the world's population? John F. Kennedy Who was with Lee Harvey Oswald when he supposedly killed the US President? Jimmy Hoffa The ex-president of the US Teamsters Union ate a meal at Machus Red Fox restaurant in Detroit, paid for his meal and walked straight out straight into an American mythology. What happened to Jimmy Hoffa? John Lennon It seems clear that John Lennon's assassinator, Mark David Chapman, was simply a deranged fan, or is there some truth to the theory that he was actually a Manchurian Candidate, brainwashed and pre-programmed to kill on command? Karen Silkwood Labour union activist Karen Silkwood was allegedly murdered to prevent her blowing the whistle on the Kerr-McGee nuclear company. Malcolm X Hayer, Butler and Johnson were convicted of first-degree murder, but with all the evidence gathered, is it possible that the FBI set up Malcolm X for assassination by black radicals? Marilyn Monroe Her death may well have been assumed to have been a suicide if not for her long string of high-profile boyfriends. But if one of them killed her, which one was it? Martin Bormann Hitler's right hand man and head of the Nazi party Chancellery death has continued to cause controversy despite his supposed death in 1945. Bormann is said to have lived on after the war and stayed hidden from view, yet forensic identification documents state otherwise, so why do the conspiracy theories on Bormann persist? Martin Luther King To this day millions believe James Earl Ray did not have the capability to execute Martin Luther King alone, but is it true that Ray was merely a patsy? Montauk Point Supposedly a centre for research into exotic psychological welfare techniques, the Montauk project actually calls into question our whole experience of reality, truth and the universe. Norman Kirk The radical leader of the New Zealand Labour

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