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PDF — Separating society's ideals from good health" is your child really overweight?
— Building a child's self-acceptance
— Developing real-life strategies to cope with teasing
— How television contributes to weight gain
— How to increase family activity — and fun levels
— Delicious, healthy recipes and tips for eating out"Fat" is not fun. Just ask overweight children who have been teased or hurt because of their size. it doesn't have to be this way: overweight children can develop positive, healthy attitudes about their bodies and increase their self-esteem without strict, destined-to-fail diets. All Shapes and Sizes provides warm, helpful advice for parents of overweight children, defining the true meaning of "overweight", offering practical tips on how children can deal with criticism, and outlining kid-tested ways to achieve a healthy, balanced diet — without dieting — and an active lifestyle.

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