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PDF Bulletproof Diet is a relatively new, revolutionary diet that promotes weight loss in a safe, fast, healthy and at least surprising way: by taking most of your daily calories from healthy fats. Yes, fats, exactly what everyone told you to completely eliminate from your menu. But not David Asprey; he comes to contradict almost everything that we thought we knew about diets. And more and more evidence shows that he knows what he is talking about.
And because we are supporters of the Bulletproof Diet and we know that, sometimes, it might not be so simple to respect all its rules in what concerns what we are allowed to eat and what we aren't, we decided to make things easier for you with a list of delicious and fun to prepare smoothie recipes. We all know that smoothies are always recommended in a diet. But the choice of ingredients and the way to consume them might be a burden if we don't have the necessary information.

Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:
• What rules are essential if you want to lose weight with Bulletproof diet
• How to prepare and organize your daily meals
• The basics of diet smoothies
• How to prepare different smoothie recipes
• What ingredients to avoid in this diet
• How to make this diet your way of living

Losing weight was never a fun thing to do. But this book will show you that there is no need to make things even more difficult by using restrictive diets that can damage your metabolism.

If you learn how to prepare these easy and extremely delicious smoothie recipes, you will see that there are pleasant alternatives to obtain the slim and healthy body that we all dream of.

Don't torment yourself anymore. Download this e-book and make your diet easier.

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