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PDF The Science Behind Why a Proper Plant Based Diet Can Provide More Energy for Endurance Athletes

It is a widely accepted principle, even among those who embrace the standard Western style diet, that eating unprocessed, organic foods is in general healthier than eating a highly processed meat based diet. What is not generally known is the specific impact that eating a diet consisting primarily of organic, plant based foods can have on the performance of the endurance athlete.

Athletic performance is largely dependent on how well the body is able to manage, store and process energy. Eating a diet of unprocessed, organic food enables the human body to produce an excess of energy while at the same time negating the potential for any harmful ingredients. That clean energy increases endurance levels, overall stamina and optimal fitness of the human body. Conversely, eating a processed meat based diet demands a greater energy cost based on the metabolic processes involved and in turn yields a much smaller nutritional payload.

Plant Based Nutrition for Endurance Athletes: The New Science of Exploiting Organic and Raw Foods This book will lay out the science based arguments for why eating a clean, plant based diet is optimal: Overview of the Basic Metabolism Process Why Animal Protein and Processed Food is Bad for Athletes Naturally Enhancing the Metabolization of Carbohydrates The Benefits of Fibers, Chlorophyll and AlkaloidsGetting the Maximum Nutritional Benefit from Green, Leafy VegetablesOptimal Ratio and Distribution of Nutrients for Maximum Energy OutputStart Eating Clean Today for Better Performance and Lower Risk of Injury!

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