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PDF The author of this work had the interesting idea of studying what he calls the 'question of Freud's ideological location along the spectrum from conservatism to radicalism'. He's obviously intrigued by every concept that is 'radical'. To the term, radicalism, he assigns different meanings: sexual, political & 'stylistic', by which he refers to a 'propensity for extreme statement, for pursuing a line of argument in a relentless, some would say inflexible, fashion'. Robinson likes to apply remarks like reactionary or progressive, which would seem somewhat out of place in a scientific book. But they point to his major interest, which is more political or ideological than psychological. His book has found a wide audience & is much discussed in academic intellectual circles. It's a lively & challenging book which deserves to be read by psychoanalysts.—Henry Lowenfeld (edited)
Introduction: Freudian Radicalism
Wilhelm Reich
Geza Roheim
Herbert Marcuse

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