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PDF When the fossilized skeleton of a small, three-toed horse found inside a local bar turns out to be a hot commodity among the scientific elite from back East, Yellowstone Kelly is commissioned as a scout to lead one of several competing research parties into the wilds of Wyoming. In this dangerous and unpredictable territory, where angry Sioux and Cheyenne lurk behind every corner and a maniacal killer named Blue Fox is stalking the parties, each new discovery could mean scientific fame, and every move could mean instant and violent death.Full of ingenious twists and turns, and the wily wit that fans of Peter Bowen's novels have come to love, Kelly and the Three-Toed Horse is a rip-roaring tale of adventure, told with an amoral panache that's at once fun and refreshing.This novel and its predecessors are based on the real-life exploits of Luther Yellowstone Kelly, a hunter, scout, rancher, and ambassador between the white and native people of the 19th-century West.

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