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PDF 4/4.5 stars
I loved every scene, every kill, every bitchy remark, and every book in general but that ending (not the final ending, the ending before the ending...if that makes sense) made me want to throw my kindle at the wall. What happened to him?!?! I'm still thinking about it!

Lacey is NOT a girl you want to mess with but with the events in Audacious, you know she has cracked. Become broken. With the police looking for her and Jose, they have to make a plan and follow through with it or they'll end up in jail. Or dead. Jose takes care of loose ends while Lacey tries to heal. She's become lost and you don't know if she'llever come back. There are some wtf moments that will leave you O.O too.

If you enjoyed the other books in this serial then I highly recommend picking this up! If you haven't read the series then you must. Lacey's story is one that I really enjoyed and I'm sad it's over.

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