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PDF The Marquis de Valhubert "cannot see a pretty woman without immediately wanting to sleep with her." This polished dilettante has a pleasing English wife who sees the French through rose-colored glasses; their snobbishness seems like a tremendous joke. Whenmischievous son, little Sigi, contrives to keep his parents apart, Mitford erupts with her funniest observations about sex and other social distractions among the French, Brits and Americans.

Gossip among the Paris set : "They left the luncheon together. They must have been in bed together the whole afternoon."
—"I don't think so. She had a fitting at Dior."

As for Americans in Paris : "I wish I understood them. So good, and yet so dull."
—"What makes you think they are so good?"
—"You can see it, shining in their eyes."
—"That's not goodness, that's contact lenses."

When the heroine learns her husby has a mistress, she's advised : "Why not look upon his hobby? Like hunting or racing, a pursuit that takes him from you of an afternoon sometimes and does you no harm."

Getting Mitzed is a lot of fun.

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