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PDF A rollercoaster ride of emotions and betrayals…

This is the third volume of the Silk serial which should be read in order.

Ian returns from Rome after five weeks of research and falling back into old patterns. Things get worse when he sees the latest headlines regarding the actress that he loves. She has moved on or so he thinks not questioning the veracity of what is printed and he has nothing left but pain that he wants to stop. There’s only one way that he knows to do so. And that is how Kristina finds him. It breaks her heart but she stands by him and finds the strength to get him the help that she’s not equipped to give him. In her support and their love he finds the strength to go through what he must.

The knocks just keep coming. When I think they have a chance at a new start something else happens to derail our couple. I was impressed with how Kristina handled Ian’s fall and then I was very disappointed in her. She was strong enough to do what had to be done to help Ian but then she betrays him while he’s in rehab and more than once. I’m not sure how I feel about that, as a character she has lost this reader’s respect and understanding. Where was the strength that she found to help the man that she swears she loves? Why couldn’t she stay true to him? It will be interesting to see if the author can redeem her for me. Can Ian survive the latest betrayals without falling into the abyss again? I hope so.

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