Daniel Ford - The Lapsed Catholic Catechism. PDF

PDF This humorous catechism will help Lapsed or wobbly Catholic readers get into the mood to spend a guilt-free Christmas, even if they have fallen away from the One True Faith. It makes a perfect stocking suffer gift. It is an irreverent, satirical, and richly informed poke in the ribs to the Catholic Church. Good will to all!

Advance Hallelujahs! for The Lapsed Catholic Catechism:

"Many will be amused; some will be offended; all will learn a lot."

— Henry Rosovsky, Dean Emeritus of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University

"An absolutely delightful book that we lapsed Catholics desperately needed. Ford delivers not just wit, but humorous and cogent insight into our confusing religion. There is nothing that delivers guilt relief faster than a chuckle. And once again, after reading this engaging book, I have some hope I can attain heaven … if it exists, that is. "

— Richard Muller, Professor of Physics at UC Berkeley; author, "The Sins of Jesus"

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