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PDF A legendary name from the Golden Age of Paperbacks, VICTOR J. BANIS spins a witty and exuberant tale of A Thousand and One Knights, flitting blithely from tale to tail, in one era and out the other. Part autobiography, part a history of the Gay Revolution, part writing manual, part juicy gossip, with a few tasty recipes thrown in for good measure, Spine Intact, Some Creases is a summing up — alternately hilarious and touching, instructive and impassioned, and always entertaining — of the remarkable life and work of a writer hailed by top gay pulp historian Michael Bronski as "one of my heroes." "Banis' memoir provides a poignant history of West Coast paperback publishing in the Sixties, and one author's journey from small beginnings to critical and financial success as a writer — but it's far more than that: witty, elegantly written, funny, sad, smart, and even wise. Every penman-apprentice should read this book — twice!" — Robert Reginald.

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