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PDF Over two dozen fun and challenging projects using the next generation of LEGO® MINDSTORMS™ and the Java™ programming language

LEGO® MINDSTORMS™ NXT is an incredible new kit for building and programming your own robotic inventions. Maximum Lego NXT introduces a diverse set of projects, building tips, programming code, complete 3D rendered building instructions and hundreds of illustrations to help you realize your robotic dreams.

Using Java™, the most popular and easy to use programming language available, this book will give you endless entertainment and exploration. It introduces the new LEGO® NXT kit, including the NXT intelligent brick and Bluetooth™.


Maximum NXT includes:
� Easy to follow instructions by the author of Core LEGO® MINDSTORMS™ Programming

 � Explanations for all available sensors and expansion products available for the NXT kit, including unique projects interfacing a video camera, cell phone, GPS, data gloves, and many more
 � An exciting collection of 14 robots, including a chess playing robot, an exoskeleton for your hand, a Mars Rover, a robotic arm you can control through the Internet, a 3D object scanner, soccer robots, and many more
 � Introduces over two dozen in-depth programming projects including navigation, mapping, precise robotic arm control, voice control and global localization
 � Artificial Intelligence concepts including Vision analysis, Rodney Brooks' Subsumption Architecture, and Reinforcement Learning
 � Exciting projects that use third-party sensors like compass, tilt sensor, and port expanders
 � A full chapter on building with the new LEGO stud-less brick paradigm.
 � A complete tutorial on programming Java™ 
 � How to install a free development environment for leJOS NXJ, the Java™ Virtual Machine for the NXT
� Foreword by Søren Lund, Director of LEGO MINDSTORMS

Maximum LEGO NXT is the ultimate LEGO MINDSTORMS guide:
� Meet NXT � leJOS NXJ � Java for Primates � The leJOS NXJ API � LEGO Parts � Building 101 � Bite into Bluetooth � Grabby Robots � Sound � Robots with Vision � Standing Tall � Localization � Mapping � Path-finding � Hands & Exoskeletons � Network Robotics � Scanning � Behavior-Based Robots � Expanding the NXT � GPS & Harsh Terrain � Speech � Appendices � Index

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