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Four linked novellas and several short stories all dealing with time travel, by the author of the runaway bestselling non-fiction book Man and the Planets. The first two novellas were first published in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine and Analog, and this is the first time they have been reprinted since then.

About the Author

Duncan Lunan became a full-time author in 1970, initially writing science fiction, but now also undertakes a wide range of other writing and speaking as a researcher, tutor, critic, editor, lecturer and broadcaster.

His earlier publications include three nonfiction books, contributions to 20 other books, over 700 articles and thirty short stories, including a number of science articles for Analog magazine. In 1989 he edited “Starfield: science fiction by Scottish writers”, the first ever anthology of SF and fantasy by Scots, and as manager of the Glasgow Parks Dept. Astronomy Project, 1978-79, Duncan designed and built the first astronomically aligned stone circle in Britain for over 3000 years.

There had been another strange episode during the day, however. The Hayes party had come on deck in mid-afternoon, and remained for some time despite the biting chill — almost, More thought afterwards, as if they were waiting for something. They had been on deck for nearly an hour when another strange sound came to their ears.

“That can't be the beat of Pioneer's screws, surely,” said Barnes, his head cocked to the side.

“If it were, she'd be bearing down on us at an incredible speed,” said More. The fog made it impossible to place the mechanical throbbing, but it was growing swiftly in volume. “Sound the foghorn, there — and the bell, continuously!”

The noise doubled and redoubled, till the open air was like an engine-room. People looked in all directions, wildly, and Barnes was first to see the thing when it appeared.
It was only a shadow in the mist, shapeless, though More had the impression of some beating or revolving airfoil. Beneath it a beam of light shone, like a single ray of sunshine. It came from astern, from roughly where Pioneer should be, and passed the Resolute's port side, turning north across her bows. In a moment it had vanished, and the deafening noise was soon muffled by the fog.

If yesterday's phenomenon had excited the Americans, today's stimulated them beyond speech. Looking round for their comments More saw them disappearing below, leaving him to face the bewildered stares of the crew.

He had to show the ship's officers were not alarmed. “It seems there's another mystery in these waters, besides the disappearance of Sir John Franklin,” he remarked, as outwardly calm as Austin would have been.

“You don't think — they might be connected, sir?” the helmsman ventured.

“We've no reason to think so at present,” said More, with a firmness which wasn't entirely genuine. “But if there is a connection, Her Majesty's Navy will get to the bottom of it. Mr. Jones!” The midshipman, who was listening with awed respect, snapped to alertness. “You saw as much as we did, I suppose? Report it to the Captain, if you please. If he asks, say that in my opinion he's not required on deck meantime. If anything more occurs, of course we will inform him.”

But nothing more did happen, up to the time the Resolute found solid ice ahead. Pioneer was somewhere astern, out of hailing distance.

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