Octavia Wildwood - Heavy Petting (Heavy #2). PDF

PDF Hayley is dating the frontman of one of the hottest up and coming heavy metal bands out there. It's unreal!

Even more unbelievable? She turned down the chance to join him on the European leg of his tour. Crazy, right? What girl wouldn't want to stroll around romantic Paris arm in arm with her sexy musician boyfriend?

But Hayley had her reasons. When her beloved cat went missing, she knew she couldn't leave her hometown without him. And maybe she needed to work on herself a bit, too.

So now she's stuck in her crappy hometown where she has to see her loser ex on a regular basis. It's the last place she wants to be. She hates all the bad memories it drudges up and she misses the man she adores.

Food has always been Hayley's crutch, and this time is no different. Before she knows it, she's regained nearly all the weight she lost.

But she doesn't tell Brandon. It's too embarrassing, and her self esteem is in the gutter. Instead, she flirts with him wildly over the phone as though nothing has changed. Maybe long distance dating isn't so bad after all...

Then he surprises her by coming home early. Oh shit.

This book contains explicit adult situations.
It is the second part of the Heavy trilogy.

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