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PDF Touches The Places Words Rarely Reach Poetry: there are times in life when nothing else will do. At such times, you need a certain kind of poem, the kind of poems that are contained in Orna Ross's "Ten Thoughts About Love" pamphlet series, the kind of poems that tell the truth about life while providing consolation and inspiration. Poetry that inspires by touching the places that words rarely reach. In this volume, an Irishwoman surveys the alcohol-fuelled scene on St Patrick's Night 2013; an ancient mid-winter blessing is reworked; the vagaries of lunch with a friend are relived. Here are some of the things that are being said about this short book of inspirational poems: * "Reaches into the corners of your soul and pulls out all that is beautiful." * "Masterfully crafted poetry." * "A powerhouse of a poetry collection." * "A little book of very big poems." Poetry lovers are sure to appreciate these poems about love, poems about life, poems about loss, and faith, and redemption — all delivered in simple, yet achingly beautiful, words. Enjoy ten more of Orna Ross's inspirational poems aimed at the heart of love.

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