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PDF Charles Dennim hasn't got an enemy in the world. So why would someone send him a bomb in the mail? Because he is also Baron Karol von Dennim, and he once worked at Buchenwald as a Gestapo. He was actually working undercover as a British agent, but whoever is trying to kill him apparently hasn't heard that part, so Charles had better come up with a plan fast if he wants to survive.

Dennim uses the metaphor of tethering a goat to catch a tiger, and he is using himself as the bait. But he has a few tricks leftover from his wartime service, and he just might become the tiger himself.

I really enjoyed this one. I could imagine it as a very tense movie, but the book was good too. Very frustrating as I was just 40 pages from the end and things were really intense when I just kept getting interrupted again and again! I finally managed to get rid of all the distractions and finish the last few pages. Very good.

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