Johanna R. Lyback - Indian Legends. PDF

PDF An enjoyable easy read. Little Big Man style of story telling.

Torah type tales; a god places a man and woman on the earth and they have many children.The children thrive, become jealous, fight and are punished. Noah influences, parting of the waters, and so on.

Thirty-one state's legends represented.Great Lakes region legends interesting.Missing legends of Vermont, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware (how did that happen?), Florida, Nevada and others.

A very helpful pronouncing guide is included 'Kabibonokka, Michillimackinac (not Mackinaw), Paupukkeewis, Samahtumiwhoolah, Whulge and so on'. Like to learn a new language?

Illustrations by Alexander Key - very nice Trail of Tears style ink scetch on the inside front and back covers.

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