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PDF This is not as well known as some other books about acting, and yet it is one of the best. Lewis, of course, is the actor turned director and teacher who began at the Civic Repertory Theatre, was part of the Group Theatre and the Actors Studio, and headed the acting program at Yale for a while. He also delivered the famous series of lectures on acting, "the method" (Stanislavski vs. Strasberg), and American theatre collected in the book Method or Madness?.

His book is practical, including descriptions of useful exercises (complete with amusing stick figures to illustrate physical positions, not that they are really necessary), suggestions for organizing a playscript and useful notes, and further on some pointed essays on preparing a role and acting as a practice. Many of the anecdotes here are recycled in Lewis's memoir, Slings and Arrows: Theater in My Life, but here are useful for illustrating problems and solutions.

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