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PDF This is not something I would have picked up on my own but was assigned as a reading assignment for my US history course. I thought since I wasn't going to get any leisurely reading done this summer I might as well take credit for schoolwork.

The book is decent. I got bogged down several times but the writing included enough anecdotal information to keep it moving. The editor maintained Franklin's writing style by capitalizing all the nouns regardless of placement in the sentence & some of the old odd ways of abbreviating things. It took forever for it to dawn on me that Acct was account only b/c they made the t superscript. Weird stuff but doable. I started getting a little tired of Franklin's "Yay me" demeanor but guess you're going have that w/ politicians regardless of the era.

Overall good book., very good reference material. It turned me onto another title about Franklin I want to read eventually.

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