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PDF When Newlywed Wynne Marie receives racy texts from her ex, she’s caught in a titillating game that her husband finds sexy as hell.

Newlywed Wynne Marie Jackson has it all—delicious husband, beautiful New England home, high-paying job in her field. So why does her husband Jake discover her in tears? Two letters: AJ.

When Wynne Marie left Atlanta, she also left behind her well-known spa, Silk, and her co-owner AJ Albright. Together, she and AJ had built their spa into a retreat sought by the stars. However, their relationship went deeper than the Tao massage they specialized in, and while she loves her husband Jake, she misses AJ’s passion.

After a fearful confession, Jake is more understanding—and turned on—than Wynne Marie ever imagined. Can adding AJ to their lives be the realization of her dreams or the end of her marriage?

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