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PDF Reagan Marsellis was immune to the government’s biological warfare agent, Test Contagion 76—but not everyone was. After the accidental release of TC76, three-quarters of the population changed into hollow, hungry, reanimated dead who have nothing to lose from eating your face.

During the months after infection, Reagan led a small group of survivors to safety deep in the woods of New Hampshire. Surrounded by a fence that represents the limit to their safe zone, the survivors in the Evergreen Nursing Home are now relying on Reagan to go back outside The Limits and return with supplies, weapons, and fencing material so they can build a secondary perimeter that will help accommodate their growing numbers and keep the zombies, and whatever else wants to get them, out.


The Recruiter is an episodic serial. Each season has six 38-page episodes. Episodes are released monthly starting with Episode 1 on October 31st.

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