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PDF A vivid and suspenseful portrayal of the contradictions of Africa and her people, traditions and superstitions – from the acclaimed author of My Brother-But-One.

‘TIRI TOSE – there is no escape.’ Ex-soldier Kirkman Potgieter –known as Buffel – lives by the motto of his Rhodesian PSYOPS military unit. It may be all that keeps his PTSD at bay. But it can’t stop the dreams. So when fellow unit member Shilo Jamison Khumalo betrays him by saving twelve-year-old Tara Wright from becoming his newest ‘butterfly’, Buffel becomes obsessed with hunting them both down.He must hide the truth behind the ‘sangoma' ritual killings that have been responsible for so many deaths.

Tara’s family leave for a new life in South Africa after she witnesses the murder of her father and uncle. Three years later, Tara finds she isn’t prepared for the price she has to pay for loving Wayne Botha, and it is only when she finds unexpected support within her family that she can escape the narrow-minded rural community.

But when Tara receives a potentially devastating diagnosis, she finally sends a letter to Wayne in the hope that he will acknowledge their son, Josha. But will Wayne and Jamison's combined special services skills be sufficient to protect her and Josha from Buffel?

“You can smell the dust of Africa, feel her pain, and marvel at her incredible beauty in this sprawling tale.” Tony Park on My Brother-But-One.

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