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PDF This short history of paper-making is based on lectures delivered at the London Institute, and was first published in book form in 1855. The young Richard Herring (b. 1829) covers a great deal of ground in just three chapters. His book begins with the origins of writing itself, the first materials upon which people wrote, and the mastery of Egyptian papyrus. He then describes more recent developments such as the paper-making techniques developed in the eighteenth century by James Whatman, watermarks, and an especially captivating section on how the close analysis of paper was used to expose an Irish forgery of Shakespearean manuscripts. The introduction by the Reverend George Croly stresses the importance of paper-making and printing to Christian history. Herring writes enthusiastically, punctuating his account with anecdotes, and patriotically emphasises the unrivalled brilliance of printing in England.

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