Mary E. DeMuth - Life in Defiance (Defiance, Texas Trilogy #3). PDF

PDF In a town she personifies, Ouisie Pepper wrestles with her own defiance. Desperate to become the wife and mother her husband Hap demands, Ouisie pours over a simple book about womanhood, constantly falling short, but determined to improve. Through all that self-improvement, Ouisie carries a terrible secret: she knows who killed Daisy Chance. As her children inch closer to uncovering the killer s identity and Hap s rages roar louder and become increasingly violent, Ouisie has to make a decision. Will she protect her children by telling her secret? Or will Hap s violence silence them all? Set on the backdrop of Defiance, Texas, Ouisie s journey typifies the choices we all face whether to tell the truth about secrets and fight for the truth or bury them forever and live with the violent consequences."

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