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PDF Linus Bailey's tenth birthday, if measured on some kind of “So how did it go then?” scale, would score a one. Maybe a bit less. It started well, but then things went very badly indeed.

You see, Linus Bailey has an over active imagination. To make his life more interesting he simply makes things up. His mother for instance—a nice lady who cooks and is called Wendy—was found living as a head hunter in the Jungles of Borneo. His dad, a man called Nigel who Linus hasn't seen since he was two, is a Ninja Warrior currently living in Japan. His dad fights crime and saves people. Linus' Headmaster is evil and his jumper was knitted by slaves.

Having an over active imagination is great, until you get told off by your teacher, told off by the evil Headmaster, and then all the stories you ever made up come true one terrible tenth-birthday morning...

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