Joseph Smith - The Road to Umbreanth (The Umbreanth Cycle Book 1). PDF

PDF The isolated forests and deserts of the Aonraithe have known peace for several generations. Now a warrior has arrived from a realm of darkness and strife, and found herself in the care of a humble grove tender. The Citadel of the Lochrann has stood watch over the desolate lands of the Waste for centuries. Now one of its knights has fallen ill with an impossible disease, and traveled across a continent for the cure. The River Nations have prospered and flourished on the plains. Now an inventor has stumbled across an artifact that defies explanation, and its owners are stalking him.

A conspiracy lurks beneath the world. Hidden forces move across the nations, and are moved in turn by more deeply hidden masters across the realms. Now unlikely friends will have to escape their pursuers, survive the gathering darkness, and carry a warning to the ancient city of Umbreanth.

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