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PDF • Two of American author George Bird Grinnell’s action adventure novels are bound together in this Kindle book: Jack In The Rockies & Jack The Young Trapper

Jack in the Rockies
A Boy's Adventures with a Pack Train

Jack, The Young Trapper
An Eastern Boy's Fur Hunting in the Rocky Mountains

About The Author
George Bird Grinnell (1849 –1938) was an American anthropologist and historian born in Brooklyn, New York. He graduated from Yale University originally specializing in zoology. He was also a conservationist and student of Native American life.
Grinnell was editor of Forest and Stream magazine and contributed articles including "In Buffalo Days", in American Big-Game Hunting, edited by Theodore Roosevelt.
His best-known works included The Fighting Cheyennes (1915), and a two-volume work, The Cheyenne Indians: Their History and Lifeways (1923). He also focused on the Pawnee and Blackfeet people: Pawnee Hero Stories (1889), Blackfoot Lodge Tales (1892), and The Story of the Indian (1895).

George Bird Grinnell Action Adventure Stories
Books Available in the Series, published by Pearl Necklace Books and available through Amazon, include:
1. Jack, the Young Ranchman
2. Jack the Young Explorer
3. Jack the Young Trapper
4. Jack in the Rockies

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