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PDF The monthly series Trestle Press has been putting out has been a perfect place for this plotline. Lisa Taylor has put together a great heroine in Shana Black. The storylines have been fun, energetic, resourceful, and overall just a joy to read. The installments are just the right size for a digital short story, and when I am done I am always ready for the next one. I have enjoyed the detail she has imbued the narrative with, the realism, and the fact that the action and suspense has the visceral feeling and realism that can only come from someone that knows the ins and outs of that type of system. I am looking forward to listening to Lisa Black on the thriller/suspense/action blogtalk radio panel I will have on Monday at 4pm EST. The other members of the panel will be Bob Hamer , Michael Tabman (both ex FBI Undercover Agents) ,and Benjamin Sobieck.
Here is the synopsis for The First Mission-Volume Two-Shana Black:
“Shana, a West Point cadet, has recently won a major award for her junior chemistry project - a new chemical detector that has already prevented one major attack in the U.S. Now the terrorist organization responsible sees Shana as a threat and suddenly her life is in danger every moment of the day.
Now, stuck in Washington D.C. and being protected by CIA agents twenty-four seven, the only way that Shana can return to school at West Point in August is to become a member of the CIA herself. This first mission, a harrowing journey into the depths of enemy territory, will decide her fate.”

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