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Dressed to kill, Kiss dominated the US Seventies Rock scene, stomping their way to success with a frenzied mix of glamour, Alice Cooper style theatrics, vibrant stage shows and that tongue.

Formed in New York in 1972, the band's first four albums were released in two years: Kiss and Hotter Than Hell in 1974 and Dresses to Kill in 1975; but it was when Alive (1975), their double albino, hit the streets that they finally made the big time.With the release of Alive, America bowed down to the new goals of Rock.Like all great bands, Kiss attracted moral outrage and critical hostility, but the success story continued, with their voracious fans (the majority of whom were women) lapping up all that Gene Simmons and co. could provide.The band's popularity lasted until 1977, when the arrival of Punk and Kiss's bizarre decision to release four solo albums seemed to bring about a decline.The ensuing years saw a cast re-shuffle with Frehley and Criss replaced by a variety of newcomers.The new music seemed to lack the Kiss spark - until that golden moment of re-union in 1995, when the original four recreated the electric, quintessential Kiss energy, proving that the best never can be bettered.

Sylvie Simmons has been obsessed with both rock and writing since well before the age of consent.One morning in 1975 she woke up to discover that you could put them together, and got a job as pop writer on a teen magazine.Since then she has spent seven years in the States working on Sounds, Kerrang and Creem, among others, as well as co-hosting a radio show.Sylvie now writes for Mojo, Kerrang, Top and the European edition of Rolling stone.

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