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PDF I loved Without A Heartbeat by newbie author Skyla Madi. I came across it for free on Smashwords and so I took a chance and downloaded it, and it was great.

Roseanna Tate is a recently widowed woman, stuck living at her parents house with her abusive father and non-caring mother.

It had been a few months since Eric's (Roseanna's husband) death. After losing everything they owned Roseanna found her self desperately trying to keep her head above water. Once her dad pushes her over the edge, she is able to remove some of the baggage from her life only to fill it with another mess of a person - Violet.
Once realizing that her and Violet are two different people Roseanna comes to realize that maybe she had been relying too much on people and strives to improve herself.

It is a very deep and moving piece of writing with a few clever metaphors. It is very short and ends abruptly but it's worth the read.
I am not sure if those of you that haven't experienced a pain such as the death of someone close to you will enjoy it as much as I did... I could relate to the main character- I know the pain of losing a partner so this book hit close to home. I related so well to Roseanna and know the fear of an abusive father.

The only bad thing I can say about this book is that it wasn't long enough!

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