Sherrilyn Kenyon - The Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in the Middle Ages. PDF

PDF My wife's face was hilarious when I told her that I was reading this. I'm certainly no writer, but I figured a book on every day life in the middle ages would be interesting. And it was free. It was mildly interesting and informative.

I skimmed it quickly: it's obviously meant to be more of a reference book. I skipped over lots of old English (and Scottish, and Welsh) words and titles and names of kings and queens. What I was interested in was the descriptions, and they were pretty interesting. Some of it seemed like she was advancing her own oddball pet theories, such as reinterpreting the Children's Crusade as a peasant rebellion in France, so that made me a lot less confident in the book. Her statements about the medieval world being the same as today strikes me as naive and myopic, I'm not sure I agree on that. From what I've learned, while it's true that basic human needs haven't changed much, the values and subconscious worldview of the medieval man or woman is hugely different than ours today.

The early chapters on clothing, medicine and society were pretty interesting, though. I learned a lot from those. It was a pleasant, quick read, but certainly not something I'd spend money on, even if I WAS a writer.

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