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PDF It was an easy read. The only reason it took so long is that I tend to consume a lot of audio books as I don't get near as much time to sit down with a real book. Overall, it only took a few hours of reading. I did read all the footnotes, and I got lots of ideas for interesting follow on reads. What I learned was when the whole concept of "Founding Fathers" developed. I've been reading a lot on other topics which relate to the "Founding Fathers" and the Constitution. This book did have me reconsider, and to challenge where I've run with unsubstantiated beliefs for years. I was also reminded of the problems with original intent in Constitutional arguments. It always seems like a good idea; however, being reminded of the Dred Scott decision is reason enough to question the method. I also appreciated the idea, that the more we look to the Founders as final arbiters of all decisions, and make them fonts of infinite wisdom, the more foolish we all are. We do need to decide things like what the 4th Amendment protections mean in a connected digital age, for one example. Privacy was so much more clear when you had to physically intercept a letter, or enter someones house to go through their papers. Thanks Richard!

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