Dalton Wolf - Storm on the Frontier - Part 2 (The Demonstar Series, #2). PDF

PDF Baran Igashu and his team have made the jump thru the Ceres wormhole and just cleared the throat on the other side. No one knows what awaits them in Proletat, the first Alliance system to have experienced the 'storm'.

Congress meets in a closed session to determine whether or not INTONE Chris Meier will be dismissed from office and thrown in prison, but before that decision can be made, the Krogan Ambassador, enters the Congressional System unexpected, and unannounced. Upon her arrival on-planet she marches up to the front of Congress and demands immediate entry for her people as a Member Race.

J.B. Brown returns to the Frontier onboard Prospector with news about the disturbing anomaly that has followed them throughout their journey. His destination-Proletat. But as they approach the system, they are still unable to receive any signals and have had no mail buoys for their last six months. He puts the ship on Full Alert as they make their final approach into the area, knowing their scanners will be useless in this solar system due to the composition of the asteroid field and the wormhole forces thrown off by the Ceres wormhole.

Penelope has been promoted again to full Commander and made XO of the Fleet Flagship Barracuda, second in command to Admiral Nas. In an even more surprising move, Admiral Nas has been called back to the core, leaving Penelope the Acting Admiral of the 3rd Fleet and Admiral Stoen is named Battle Lord. Out of her depth, and uncertain of what awaits them, she is wracked with uncertainty about her own abilities when word comes of a sensor outage in Sendar, where Stoen is stationed with only a half-fleet as defense. And there is rumor of a battle between Baran's forces and some unknown enemy.

The time has come for the Alliance to move. Can they possibly be victorious against an unknown force with energies or technologies vastly superior to their own and a mission of destruction that threatens their very existence? Penelope orders her ships toward the jump gate, determined to find out.

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