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PDF This is the story of the life of a railyard engineer on the Norfolk and Western Railroad in the mid 1920s. It was a time in railroad history when railroad workers, labor unions and railroad management came to grips with each other over the railroad business and the men and women who toiled daily under unusually harsh conditions. It was a time that set the stage for the US transporation related labor, on land, on the seas, and in the air.
But it came at a cost, not just to the employees, but to the families as well in terms of benefits and the time spend away from home by the Railyard Engineer or train crew members.
This story focuses on what life was like for a Railyard Engineer, his trials and tribulations during this period, and the many job elements he must deal with at work and at home. This story is based on events that happened and letters written in 1925 describing in detail the events taking place as the family dealt with a matter of life and death in the days of steam. The resourcefulness of the railroad family went above and beyond in the struggle to overcome a medical emergency, when steam was king.

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