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PDF On the same day Mare Welsh receives the happiest news of her life, she also receives the worst. Her husband, Jack, was killed on his way home from work, leaving Mare alone to raise their one year old daughter. Now, a year later and deep in the throes of depression, Mare sees Jack everywhere. He even shows up to talk to her in the shower. Her well-meaning friends stage an intervention to bring her back to the real world, and it works a little too well. A day later she meets Tate, the new youth pastor at her church. At 25, Tate is seven years her junior, but Mare can't stop her wild attraction to him. And despite the fact that he always catches her in the midst of an embarrassing situation, the feeling appears to be mutual. Mare decides to give Tate a chance, as long as they keep their romance a secret. But soon she has too many secrets to keep straight, including the fact that her dead husband still follows her around, making fun of her for her for dating a younger man. Can Mare overcome her insecurities and embrace her newfound love, or will she allow the opinions of her friends, neighbors, and meddling dead husband to tear them apart?

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