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PDF Bob Bennett has extensive rabbit raising experience — six decades worth. It shows. He is very knowledgeable and he has many interesting things to say about the business that is rabbits. He is also, however, very set in his ways. It's his way or the highway. He goes beyond blatantly ignoring anything which is not his personal preferred way of doing things, he belittles anyone who may so much as consider doing things differently. This includes such "horrendous" things as raising rabbits according to modern organic standards. He doesn't say this directly, he just tells you that only idiots would do X, Y, and Z, which, when you do research outside of this book, you may find are requirements for, for example, organic rabbit rearing in the EU. His idea of preventative measures is also treating healthy rabbits with antibiotics and the like. You quickly get the idea that anything is wrong for any reason as long as it's not what Mr. Bennett prefers. One medicine is great because it's been used forever, another medicine is useless because it's been used forever, etc.

It is a useful book. From what I gathered from rabbit and homesteading fora, it's the most worthwhile book on the market right now.

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