Mayumi Azuma - Elemental Gelade, Volume 10. PDF

PDF Volume 10 picks up right where 9 left off, and since we're right smack in the middle of the story, there's really no development or growth here. Mostly action and a couple of rather nasty surprises. What keeps this book from ranking higher is the fact that we don't get to see all of the action (this makes one shock all the more shocking, but has the unfortunate side effect of being a little too jarring as well), and the fact that the style of speech balloon being used sometimes makes it a little hard to tell who is saying what. Any fan of the series should like this book, though, and waiting for them to bring out volume 11 is going to be another very LONG wait indeed.

And stay tuned at the end for a mini-interview in which the characters are asked what they think of each other. The answers are predictable but hilarious nonetheless.

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