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PDF Going to drop this back to three stars after further perusal. There's a real issue for me with some of the fonts used in this book, especially the recipe headings, which are in outlined form.The outline is not bolded and almost impossible to see without really focusing.I'm of the opinion that fonts, especially header fonts, should pop and be clearly visible when scanning the page. But even the other fonts are an issue.The recipe text is too small IMO, and in a non traditional font that doesn't show up as well unless bolded.

I'm also unimpressed with the "how" portion of the text.Most of the little tidbits of knowledge added in don't really relate much to cooking.Like "why are smoothies sweet?" Or "why do I shake salad dressing?"Other questions don't really get explained at all, like "Why does mozzarella cheese melt easily?"All the little paragraph says on this is that "not all cheeses melt that well." and then names some cheeses that don't melt well.It never goes into why this is so.While some of the recipes are perfectly yummy looking (and I'd like to try my hand at those Rice Balls) this book's main gimmick of being a cookbook about how cooking works falls short of it's goal.It tells kids how to cook, but not really how that cooking works.Couple that with the frenetic fonts and there are a lot of better cookbooks out there for kids, I'm sad to say.Still can be a fun page through book, but I don't find it to be a winner.

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