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PDF This book is about a young girl called Ibby, who has gone to stay with her aunt and two cousins, Alex and Francis, for a couple of days. The children discover an old magic set in the attic, and immediately decide to try it out. This has disastrous consequences, resulting in Alex trying out levitation and ending up on the roof of a church, Francis disappearing and spending the night on a ferris wheel, and Alex trying out an aging spell that doesn't go to plan, amongst other things. We are told that the childrens uncle Godfrey had mysteriously vanished 5 years earlier during a magic trick, and so the children take it upon themselves to find out what happened, and hopefully bring him back.

Although I wasn't familiar with the author, Heather Dyer, this book was very enjoyable and written in a way that would make it easy for children to read and follow along with. The storyline is very fast-moving and it jumps into the action right away, when Francis has shrunk himself and become 'The Boy In The Biscuit Tin'. The characters are very relatable, Ibby in particular, as you can really understand her reluctance to get involved with the magic but feeling that she has to anyway.

I would recommend this book to children aged around 8 years and older, as although the storyline is very exciting, and would be interesting to younger children, the words used may be a bit too advanced. Although it wasn't the most descriptive story, it is a really fun book that children would love, with funny pictures drawn in it too. I would definitely use it in the classroom, as it is very imaginative and fast-paced, ensuring that children won't get bored whilst reading it.

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