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PDF From the unfortunate moment that Kate reversed into the bad tempered, ill mannered and menacing Dex Thornton with her car, she should have known to get the hell out of town. But Kate had a job to do, and that job is a means to an end. Not to mention the water tight contract her new boss had her sign, and the fact someone has disabled her car, which leaves her with no means to escape. So what’s a girl to do?

Not take any attitude from the Neanderthal type’s that the little backwater town seems to breed, that’s what. But Kate is human and this town has a few surprises up its sleeve that might just leave her speechless…Dex sees Kate as an accident waiting to happen. From the moment she runs into him with her car, he’s certain she will be the death of him. Just being close to her is a tossup between wanting to kiss her and wanting to kill her and it isn’t helping that his wolf is having those exact same emotions to boot.

With the arrival of an annoying sarcastic vampire, his Beta going into meltdown and his sister getting her claws out, Dex’s usual self composure get’s tested to the limit.If he survives the mating process it will be a blessing, if his mate survives, it might just be a miracle.This book contains adult content.

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