Nancy Anderson - Almost Sisters (The Company of Good Women, #1). PDF

PDF Three women from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles are drawn together at a BYU Women s Conference through a sharing of problems and a Guilty Secret. Juneau, named after the city in which she was born, hopes the conference will help to re-center her life. Erin, a recent convert to the Church, comes to the conference to see if Mormons are really as perfect as she has been led to believe. And Willadene, a dedicated homemaker, attends the conference for not much more reason than finding a new recipe for homemade yogurt. What each woman finds instead is a unique bond and the beginning of an enduring friendship that inspires and sustains them through the challenges of life. This entertaining novel captures the joys and occasional perils of friendship as it explores one of the most important relationships in a woman s life.

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