Robert Ellis - Murder Season (Lena Gamble, #3). PDF

PDF LAPD homicide detective Lena Gamble's third murder case is also Robert Ellis's most explosive thriller yet.

It's another rough night in Hollywood. A horrific double murder at Club 3 AM, the A list hangout for Hollywood celebs. Unfortunately for detective Gamble, it's her case.

The media is swarming. LAPD brass have their stingers out. It's the kind of murder case that goes radioactive from the start. Two dead bodies in Hollywood ...

The first victim is Johnny Bosco, owner of Club 3 AM and one of the most powerful men in Hollywood. But Lena takes the shock hard when she sees the corpse laid out beside Bosco. It's 25-year-old Jacob Gant, acquitted just weeks ago in L.A.'s latest trial-of-the-century for murdering his 16-year-old neighbor, Lily Hight.

Are these murders the result of a father's righteous anger? Or is something bigger at play? Something dark and twisted that no one can see?

You already know the answer. This is Robert Ellis at his very best.

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