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PDF Sir Richard Grenville (1542-1591), English sea captain and explorer, became a legendary figure in the resistance to the Spanish Armada, dying as a result of wounds sustained at the helm of the galleon Revenge in the Battle of Flores: a fight in which he struggled against overwhelming odds.

First published in 1937, Sir Richard Grenville of the Revenge was A.L. Rowse's first full-length historical monograph.

'There is no doubt that Mr Rowse's book will establish itself as the standard biography of Grenville, and he deserves our unstinting thanks for the patient research that he has put into it.' J.E. Neale, Sunday Times

'Magnificent... I was delighted, too, by the masterful descriptions of the Elizabethan era and the brilliant figures of that age.' Lloyd George, in a letter to A.L. Rowse

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