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PDF I've been in a bit of a reading slump lately. I've been anxious to read but everytime I pick something I can't seem to get into it. I have a guilty pleasure for these kind of books. Trashy tasteless literature with little to no substance. If I find them for a cheap price, I buy them. I call them "Housewife books". I am terribly embarrassed by them, they sit on the top shelve of my closet hiding from the rest of the world. picked this one up while on a particularly bad stint. A 50 cent booksale full of all my favorite trash: Jackie Collins, Dan Brown, Danielle Steel. The result of this impulsive book binge has been this book, sitting on my shelve. I tried several times to pick it up, with no luck of getting through it. I almost lost any hope of reading it at all, but yesterday desperate to be engrossed in something, I promised my self just a few pages. Ended up spending my afternoon in the land of scandal and murder. In this book we have four short books in once. They follow the story of Madison Castelli and a dozen other irrelevant characters that I couldn't be bothered to keep track of. Madison is a Journalist for Manhattan style. We follow her as she writes an article about the terrible murder of Salli T. Turner, whom she befriended on the plane to LA. The characters are trashy, the dialouge is unbelievable and the prose leaves much to be desired. The murder mystery adds something enthralling enough to keep you turning pages, but the end result does not have enough foreshadowing to make it interesting or believable. This is pure fun and works in a pinch, but overall this was pretty terrible.

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