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PDF As some of you may know, I love both the movie and novelization of Labyrinth long time.So when I heard there was a graphic novel series about Toby’s triumphant return to the Labyrinth, I was all, “SIGN ME UP.”

That was, like, five or six years ago.

I didn’t really get around to reading the series.

But now, friends!NOW is the moment when I am all, “Eh, I have twenty minutes, I’ll read the first book.”

So.While Goodread’s reviews seem to range from “This book actually sang like the angels when I opened it and gazed upon the magnificent manga-style visage of my lord and savior Jareth” to “This book is one of the greatest disappointments of my life, and having read it the sun no longer shines as brightly, nor can I hear the laughter of little children,” I’m going to fall solidly in the middle.

The biggest problem for me was that a decade of fanfiction has absolutely ruined me for this series.I mean, at this point, it’s pretty much canon that Toby is Jareth’s successor.Goblin balls and scheming queens and Jareth with a mysterious illness… I’ve read all this already.

Hell, I’ve read “Escaping from the castle, Sarah spends a freezing winter among sentient trees” and “After the Labyrinth is destroyed by a mysterious force, Jareth must visit Sarah’s apartment to beg for help” and “Jareth loses his memory, is abandoned on Earth, and becomes a romance writer,” so let’s be serious, I’m not surprised by much here.

And since the first book, at least, is wildly low on Jareth/Sarah action, it’s pretty much trumped in every way by terrible online fic.

I should really probably read more real books, is what I’m getting out of this review.Duly noted, self.Duly noted.

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