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PDF In a remarkably short time, electronics has penetrated almost every aspect of modern life. The pace of development of the field shows no sign of slackening.This fascinating and unique book traces the development of electronics from its earliest beginnings to the present day. Spanning a period of two and a half centuries, the book represents a mini-encyclopedia full of valuable information on practically all inventions in electronics from 1745 to 1996. It is the only book in the world covering electronic inventions in depth and as such forms an essential source of reference to practicing engineers wishing to broaden their knowledge. Teachers and students who require a sound background and understanding of electronics will find the book invaluable. Written in an easily understood largely non-technical language this fascinating and authoritative history of electronic developments will be of great interest to electronic hobbyists and general science readers.

The first part of the book provides concise but comprehensive histories of the main areas of the subject in nine chapters. These are followed by a list of inventions by subject, and descriptions of each invention in date order with over 1000 references. The book is completed by a list of acronyms and abbreviations, a list of books on inventions and inventors and a comprehensive index.

For this 4th edition the book has been brought up-to-date and made more attractive by a complete redesign while still maintaining the successful features of previous editions.

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