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PDF This book initially had me lost in a swirl of fragmented memories and various different narrative styles.Upon a deeper discussion about this book in class, I began to appreciate this format for the idea behind it.Written by Kozmaeh in reflection upon her years of being a political prisoner in Argentina, this book confirms the unimaginably harsh impact of an experience of that extreme, both physically and emotionally.The fragmentation of the book mirrors the patchy memories that will always haunt her.After attending a reading by Kozameh last night, I walked away with complete adoration for her as a writer and as a strong and sweet person overall (I would never believe she has gone through such a terror), and this encounter increased my understanding of Steps Under Water immensely.She explained the fragmentation of the book as reflective of her daily mental struggle to jerk herself back to the present reality while the memories of those days continue to intrude.She emphasized that such memories must never disappear, or history will repeat itself and the innocent will always suffer as a result, and thus we have this book to remind of us this.

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