Cairns Craig - Twentieth Century Scottish Drama. PDF

PDF This collection brings together some of Scotland's best-known dramatists. This timely anthology presents many classic contemporary playwrights whose work has been out of print for some time. The collection includes the following in what will come to be a literary and academic standard: Mary Rose, James Barrie; In Time o' Strife, Joe Corrie; Jamie the Saxt, Robert McLellan; Mr Bolfry, James Bridie; The Gorbals Story, Robert McLeish; Men Should Weep, Ena Lamont Stewart; Gay Landscape, George Munro; Mister, Stanley Eveling; The Bevellers, Roddy Macmillan; Mister, C.P. Taylor; The Jesuit, Donald Campbell; Your Cheatin' Heart, John Byrne; Mary Queen of Scots Had Her Head Chopped Off, Liz Lochhead; Bondagers, Sue Glovers; and Shining Souls, Chris Hannan.

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