PDF ATTACK-REPEAT-ATTACK is the second Clay Hunt novel about flying off aircraft carriers in the Pacific War.ATTACK-REPEAT-ATTACK sends him wounded back to the states and follows his adventures on shore until he is returned to duty on the Hornet, sunk at the Battle of Santa Cruz.His squadron is then based on Guadalcanal and fights in the struggle by the Marines to defend the island against the efforts of the Japanese to retake it.There are many histories of aircraft carrier action against the Japanese, and a few good memoirs, but the "Clay Hunt Pacific War Novels" use the resources of fiction to give a full sense of the strange and complex technology of carrier versus carrier warfare as it developed and was brought to its highest point in the battles that extended from Pearl Harbor to Tokyo Bay.These novels trace not only the progress of the war, but of naval life on shipboard, and the close experience of men learning to fight and die in this new and complex kind of warfare.

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