Anthony Smith-Chaigneau - Please Step Aside I Am A Frequent Flyer (Volume 1). PDF

PDF This book looks at the trials and tribulations of Business Air Travel from a passenger perspective. It also highlights the evolution and change that has befallen the industry since Stelios (Easy Jet) and Michael (Ryan Air) took up the mantle of Budget Airline Kings, and unscrupulous individuals attempted to explode their shoes and underpants for the greater evil that is today's terrorism. Most of all the book looks at the ludicrous rules, situations and systems that we as humans have put in place in and around the Airline Industry eco-system. As a veteran traveller or perhaps just a rookie starting out in a career that requires traveling to various locations (par avion) this book will offer you many things, however it is not a guide on how to get MORE Air Miles. If you are the seasoned Frequent Flyer it will hopefully awake dormant emotions, highlight your many foibles and release many empathetic anecdotes as you recognize the situations we describe. It might, if you think you are the King of the Skies, make you think a little deeper as you swan around the world demanding your rite of passage with little respect or regard to others around you. As a novice it is a good manners guide par excellence - Please Enjoy.

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