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PDF Understand the Bible better than ever before. Lexham Method Series: Textual Criticism of the Bible is your guidebook for self-study and deeper research of textual criticism. In this volume, you will learn the basics of textual criticism; the process of analyzing and evaluating differences in the text of the Bible. Textual Criticism of the Bible includes an overview of the field, detailed explanations, and teachings on Old and New Testament textual criticism. Learn how the Bible became what it is today, what texts our Bible translations are based on, how to interpret the differences, and much more. Contents: Introducing Textual Criticism Overview of Textual Criticism Introduction to Old Testament Textual Criticism Introduction to New Testament Textual Criticism Textual Criticism and the Bible Today About the Series

The Lexham Methods Series enables you to learn, refresh, and master the tools of biblical scholarship, and feel confidently equipped to share your learning with others. The series presents biblical interpretation, how-to instruction, and an annotated bibliography, and it shows real examples of the method in practice. Analyze the methods behind commentators' works as well as the history behind those methods.

The Lexham Methods Series: Enables you to easily reference details about methods of biblical interpretation - Each book is a quick reference for an overview of a type of biblical interpretation, the major elements and terminology of that type of criticism, and examples of using the affiliated methods. Teaches biblical interpretation methods - This educational resource leads you through a self-study, including a how-to section with numerous examples. Whether you need a refresher or have never learned biblical interpretation methods, this resource will guide you through what you need to know. Introduces new research and resources - You may encounter new insights and content in these volumes. Broadens and deepens your biblical education - Each volume clearly and accessibly presents the key figures and moments in the historical development of the type of biblical interpretation, the steps involved in executing the methods affiliated, and concrete examples of how to perform the methods.

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