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PDF Eduli Springs is a quiet northern suburb of Atlanta, situated along the Chattahoochee River. It is a pleasant community of affluent neighborhoods, small businesses, and dark secrets.

Devon James is a high school senior who is changing. He's ready for the idea that life is about to different, but he's fairly certain what he's experiencing isn't the norm. He's larger, he's stronger, his eyes are even different colors - or was that just waking up? He is treated to strange dreams, new obsessions, and knowledge that he didn't have before.

Dahlia is a psychic vampire. She thrives on anonymity, feeding discreetly from the buffet of emotions that a high school cultivates. When murders begin occurring in Eduli Square, across the street from her home, that anonymity is threatened. She is also aware of the changes that Devon is going through and senses something familiar in him. Are these changes Devon merely a ghost of her past, or is there something darker waking up and hungering?

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