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PDF Half A Six Pack are 3 short stories from the Mansized Anthologies designed to put real stories back into Gay Erotica. No twinks, no Fratboys, no College jocks, & no weird nerds seeking revenge. Just good storytelling, with hot action, & hot sex which is physically possible. Mansized is a diverse mixture of themes including historical, interracial, contemporary, mild BDSM and general good fun.

Half A Six Pack 4 has

The Untouchable by Marcus Swannick
When Martin arrived at Patna, Northern India, in the 1930s, everything was new and exciting, made even more so by his gradual infatuation with a young Hindu handyman. After a while, Martin can no longer contain himself, and finally gets a chance to discover if the untouchable is more than willing to be touched.

Benjamin by Tony Anderson
‘Don’t forget our agreement, Benjamin.’ How could I forget, best beloved? I promised, remember? However, Benjamin knows that relationships are about give and take. Though sometimes a toe can often cross the line, either by accident, or design.

The Mounties Always Get Their Man by John Connor
PC Harding volunteers to help at the annual World Police Display down in London. There he finds himself back stage as a dresser and general gopher. Cory didn’t think he had a thing for uniforms, but after the final performance he finds out just how true the RCMP motto really is.

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